How to Create a Positive Attitude

With the beginning of a new year, this is an ideal time to consider making changes to improve your psychological health.  Changing your attitude can affect every dimension of your life.  Trying out a new perspective, or a new pattern, in response to a recurrent issue or problem in your life could result in astonishing changes.  The following are three strategies for trying out an innovative and positive approach to life.

Too often, we choose to keep handling a problem in the same way; as such, we also always gets the same result.  Instead, we can intentionally choose to take a completely opposite stance to a repetitive issue.  For instance, if you are someone who hates going to the gym you can try embracing the opposite position.  With yourself and with others, begin talking about all the reasons why you love going to the gym.  Visualize yourself gathering your gear together, travelling to the gym, and working out.  Plan when you will do it and tell someone else about it.  Focus on how you will feel after exercising.  Develop your perspective about why the gym is so important to you.  On a frequent basis, mentally list out the reasons why you are going to the gym and the benefits of it.  Continually return to the perspective of embracing exercise.  This position will support your beliefs and thoughts in creating the reality you desire.

A second strategy for achieving positive change from within is practicing respectful self-talk on a regular basis.  Do not let a fear of arrogance hold you back from doing this because seeing yourself in a positive light will actually help you tackle your weaknesses and areas of improvement more effectively.  Positive and realistic self-talk means taking stock of what you do well and acknowledging it to yourself.  Throughout your day, take a moment every so often to compliment yourself on what you are doing successfully and what you like about yourself.  It can be anything at all, even something small like how you wished a coworker a good morning.  If you find yourself putting down your attempts, check this out.  What is so wrong with you supporting and being nice to yourself?  Good mental health comes from a respectful relationship with yourself.  You have complete power over this aspect of your life.  Use it well.

A third strategy for improving your psychological health has to do with the focus you choose for each day.  Choosing to look for joy in each day will definitely help you to find it.  Highlighting the things that you are grateful for each day will also make it easier to maintain your focus on what is working well in your life.  The decision to attend to solutions instead of problems will definitely move you to a more life-enhancing attitude.  This perspective will also help you to manage the inevitable challenges that life brings, and keep your focus on what is most important to you, whether it is your personal goals, health, loved ones, career, or special interests.

No matter what you choose to do in 2017 and what this new year brings into your life, I wish you much fulfillment, joy, growth, support, and peace.  Living well starts with the choices we make for ourselves regarding our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.  Being thoughtful and selective about your own choices could take you to a very new and beautiful place in the coming year.  Enjoy it!

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